All our programs are led by a diverse team leading edge artists: FROM DRAG SUPERSTARS, TONY-AWARD WINNING ACTORS, VISUAL ARTISTS, COMPOSERS WRITERS and more. 



Founder/Artistic Director

Performer and faciliator


Creative Director UK

Actress for Stage and Screen


Creative Director USA

Dancer and Movement Artist


Lead Teaching Artist

Broadway Actor and Activist



Tony Award Winning Actor and Recording Artist


aka Jiggly Caliente, Star of RuPauls Drag Race and Ryan Murphy’s POSE


Oliver Award Winning Composer


Award Winning Broadway Choreographer



West End Actor/Photographer

Hamilton, Dreamgirls, Color Purple (London)


Actor for Stage & Screen

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child



Director, Writer

STOP a New Musical



West End Actor/Vocalist

Hamilton, X-Factor (London)


Broadway Actor

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, (Broadway)


Broadway Actor

Hello Dolly, My Fair Lady (Broadway)


West End Actor

Royal Shakespeare Company



Broadway Actor

Frozen, Jagged Little Pill (Broadway)


Visual Artist/Photographer

Stupid Love Music Video, Lady Gaga



Cher Show (Broadway)


Broadway Actor/Vocalist

SIX the Musical (Broadway)


West End Actor

Heathers, SIX the musical, Wicked (London)


Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. These young artists are some of the brightest voices to resonate from our LEAP community; they are a diverse team of activists, writers, composers, designers, writers and performers. These voices not only help guide our community towards inclusion, compassion and radical creativity, but also contribute to our programs as leaders, mentors and artists.The board meets every month to discuss what we can do to create change through art making and education.


Conversational Activist

PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers

In a world where we are the product of two things- what we are born with & what we are taught. I aim (quite simply) to aid people in relearning the love they've always held within. 

I found LEAP before it was, there was Zach and there were many of us that would become the LEAP family. I think we all got addicted to this mini-universe and never left... Where no one was judged for their individuality, and therefore it was allowed to blossom, everyone became sharper- endlessly more beautiful and joyful and our differences deeper. All of us are different but the same. And now to see with the guidance of this incredible project, we are all making our own leaps and growing into the light. The chance to help plant the seeds is a very sacred thing, we can guide them towards the light and they can teach us once again what it means to grow. Right now, when I'm writing this, we are experiencing a shift in the times and if I know anything about the earth, we will keep shifting, just because there are always shifts to be made.  And as long as we have love in our hearts, we are humans finding our humanity and that means... We are all the plants that make the Garden of Eden. Some of us just need to grow!


Professional Cosplayer & Costumer


INSTAGRAM: @jesterpuppycosplay

FACEBOOK: @FurbugEmporium

I’m Pancake! I’m a non-binary cosplayer and costumer based in the south of the UK, while my main focus is cosplaying and costuming, I also love to dabble in lots of different things to expand my artistic horizons. Art has been a lifelong passion of mine because of how freeing it is. The work LEAP does is exciting because of it’s approach to young people, treating everyone as individuals, listening to them and taking on every idea seriously. No one is made to feel like because they are young, they are less important or their ideas and opinions are less valid. Working with LEAP is a dream come true and I’m hoping to help inspire others how LEAP has inspired me.

To me, being on the leading edge means lifting others up, taking risks, standing for what you believe but also not being afraid to learn and grow and change how you think. - PAN CAKE


Performance Artist, Writer, Drag Artist, Activist and Mentor


INSTAGRAM: @kweenslutdrop @thequaranqueen


My name is Max and I am from Leicester, England. I tend to communicate my art in many different forms such as writing, music and film. When I do communicate my art I like to send some kind of message, whether political, personal or magical.  I also love to perform on stage in many different ways: in drag, singing and stand-up are some of my favourite ways to perform. For me, being an artist means that I have a platform to express my opinions and share my own personality honestly and authentically to other people. What brought me to LEAP was the chance to not only work for but with professional artists, what kept me there was how free I felt when I was there. What I love about LEAP is that it doesn't matter who you are, whether you're a different race, a different age, sexuality, gender... it doesn't matter - there is an inclusivity at LEAP that the world today and society today sorely lacks. With LEAP, I hope to impact that in some way - I hope to help change the world for the better and I believe that LEAP is the perfect platform for that. 


Some things I could recommend for my fellow artists: 

  • Read : challenge yourself, read something you wouldn't normally read

  • Music : Expand your knowledge, on a daily basis : Listen to everything from opera to new alternative music to some of the golden oldies.

  • Movies/Netflix : "When They See Us," the movies of Jordan Peele, who uses the medium of horror to communicate his political views on the world, Sing Street, Last Year at Marienbad, Pulp Fiction, Call Me By Your Name and The Breakfast Club.


Singer/songwriter, Artist, Actor & Activist

PRONOUNS: She/Her/They/Them

INSTAGRAM: @it’s.rubykate @koolaid.kiddo



My name is Ruby, and I’m a 15 year old musician from England. I love art, my friends, walks in the woods, and of course writing and performing music. LEAP has always been so incredibly supportive, and I’m honoured to be a part of the Young Artist Board. I’m passionate about creative and equal opportunity, and it means a lot to me that LEAP is built on this foundation. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish


Performance Artist, Creative Writer & YouTuber


INSTAGRAM: @Jacob.Sings4


My name is Jacob and I’m from Leicestershire in the UK. I love being an expressive artist in general whether singing, acting, dancing, writing or creating content for my Youtube channel, this is what makes LEAP so great is that it can help you be expressive no matter the art form. LEAP is an amazing platform for anyone to be creative, it is a safe and welcoming environment for anyone to be expressive in any art form. Working with LEAP I want to be a helping hand to anyone feeling nervous about performing or showcasing for the first time or just be helpful in general. To me being on the Leading Edge means being yourself and being a shining light in today’s world. Looking forward to working with you all soon.


Performance Artist, Director, Mentor

PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers

INSTAGRAM: @ellerose2003 


My name is Elsie - although most people call me Elle! I am located in the South-West of England. I am a performer, specialising in musical and vocal performance, but I always love to see creativity in all its forms! I love being an artist because I am able to express myself and create in unique ways. I have been with LEAP since the beginning and have never looked back. LEAP is a place I can let loose and enjoy all kinds of talent and bravery. To me, working with LEAP I want to bring confidence, smiles, and make a positive change in the world!


Writer & Creator

PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers

INSTAGRAM: @the.hiddenhello

Hey! I’m Elena, I am principally a writer, Christian and student from England. Although I haven’t had the life experiences that many people have had, I know that the most important things in life are loving and learning. I’m passionate about encouraging young people to write more and love more, which I can be found doing on my Instagram. On my platform, I am vocal about issues that matter to me and often express this in poetry! I’m so grateful to come aboard the LEAP team since this will allow me to learn so much more. My first LEAP workshop was in 2017 and I’ve enjoyed evolving alongside LEAP as the years have progressed. The Leading Edge Arts Project is so important to me because it nurtures and supports each individual’s own unique strengths and abilities. In my other role as a Social Media Assistant and resident writer here at LEAP, I’ll be encouraging you to put pen to paper, whether that be in the form of a poem, short story, letter or essay. The world is waiting for you to begin! I’m so excited to get to work more with the LEAP community and am always here for support or chitchat. You can find me on LEAP’s Instagram/Facebook or @the.hiddenhello on Instagram


Performance Artist, Composer, Writer,  Member of The National Youth Theatre

PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers

INSTAGRAM: @alannahcj



My heart homes in the UK are Oxford, Brighton and North Yorkshire. I write music on acoustic piano and guitar, frequently inspired by the stories I live through. The moment before I step on stage as an actor, paradoxically is the moment I am most me. As a singer I was so lucky in being trained both physically and emotionally to find my voice young. In gratitude, I share LEAP’s passion to support others in connecting with their deeper selves in self-acceptance and self-love. I enjoy joining others to celebrate the power of creativity. “It is our challenge in life to create more than we mourn.” This Native American maxim moves me forward as an artist even at my most uninspired. 


I hope you enjoy my debut album, ‘Adored’, and my wish is for you to feel that positive self-regard which is always available to you, despite any actions of others. To write, perform and self produce my work, I needed self belief. With love and light, let’s LEAP-frog together over any obstacles to your self-assurance and discover how your creativity manifests!


Performance Artist & Writer

PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers

INSTAGRAM: @_alicewalters

My name is Alice, and I am based in the UK. I joined LEAP about five years ago, when I first discovered my love for the performing arts, but I soon found that LEAP was so much more than that; at LEAP I was given the opportunity to not only learn and grow as a performer, but also to explore so many interesting topics and engage in important discussions about issues we, as young people, feel strongly about, in a safe and welcoming environment. That’s what I think makes LEAP so unique; it’s not just a place to learn songs and choreography, it’s a place to express yourself and share your creativity with others. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in the performing arts, and I know that I will have the support of everyone at LEAP as I continue down that path. I am so delighted to be a part of the Young Artists Board, and I can’t wait for what the next season of LEAP has in store for us!


Writer, Theatre Performer, Musician, Mentor


INSTAGRAM: @LewisThorp

I am a Singer/Songwriter & Performer. I also present on Manchester’s biggest Student Station, Shock Radio. I consider myself a creative in many ways, and I love being an artist as it allows me the freedom to express myself and my values creatively using the platforms that I am given. I was brought to LEAP around 3 Years ago, I never tried my hand in musical theatre and I felt like I wanted to have a go at something new. What I discovered when I got to LEAP was something far much deeper than musical theatre. To me being on the Leading Edge means to believe you can achieve what you initially did not imagine. To push yourself to take the leap, because when you are confident within yourself, and anything is possible. I am an activist for the rights of Black People, Climate Justice & LGBTQ+ Rights. A key song that I feel has played a massive influence on me and my journey with LEAP is the song ‘Good Guys’ by Mika. I highly recommend giving it a listen as it has played a heavy role in my life as a member of the LGBTQ+ Community.

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